Animal  Sr./ Jr.               $1450.00

Clone -BSP                  $875.00

305 10 hp Intek            $  call
Adult Stock Sleeved         $1475.00
Jr. 1,2 Stock Sleeved        $1475.00
IKF Gass Class                  $1150.00

206 Option- jr/sr.            $675.00
Limited mods..              $  call
Animal  mods..              $  call

All engines are to 201
6 Ikf/wka/Nka rules!
Come race ready , broke in, and dyno sheet


What We Can Do For You!

Bottom Line is, We are always up for new ideas and thoughts to make YOU get to the front, With a Little R and D we  will help You Get There.....................



We are a Briggs Motorsports Center!



206 Option


10 hp Intek                                                                               Briggs Modified


Stocker                                                                     Limited Modified






Trouble Shooting- Flat Heads

Head Temperature


Move to larger jet size

Loosen Kart

Lower Gear Ratio

Colder Plug range

Check pickup tube on carb for debris

Check Air Screen for Blockage


Duct tape on blower housing (worth 20-30 degs)

Hotter plug range

Smaller jet

Loss of Compression

Check for blown Head Gasket

Check for stuck or bent valves

Leak down test to determine source of leakage

Engine Missing

End of straights or Max RPM

Lower jet size

Fouled plug

Bad coil

Missing in turns

Right Hand Turns: Tank insert B&S P/N 555520

Left Hand Turns: Check Fuel Level for overfill

Fill to seam line in tank

Engine lacks top speed (At recommended target RPM)

Reduce jet

Change to shorter exhaust pipes

Change to larger primary diameter exhaust pipes

Engine lacks bottom end (At recommended target RPM)

Increase Jet

Change to longer exhaust pipes

Change to smaller primary diameter exhaust pipe

Engine loses fire

Check Kill Switch

Check for fouled plug

Check for plug electrode closed

Bad Coil




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