Mark Merley and Butch Kamstra (the 2 old farts) At  Plessis Motor Speedway




     Duals in Office   

The Upstairs                                                                     Opposite View of  The Upstairs


Uncle Joeleo, Mason,  and Adam

An Ariel View of the Shop Area

John Merley and Brent Merley  at Sheldon Comp Park




2006 Sheldon Competition Park Banquet


Zach Vande Kamp   John Merley, Skid                                           Stock Medium Class


SLS Class

Zach Vande Kamp Rookie of the Year

Brent Merley adjusting carb on twin mods  Also Mark and Brandon Merley helping

Rob Heyn running a Merley Machine 10hp Intek !!!!!



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